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          In the midst of global chaos and conflict among nations, God never changed His position toward the redemption of His people. The gospel is the central message of God’s redemptive truth. It is the only way conveyed by God to lost humanity and revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.

          Messiah Bible Church believes in the power of the gospel. It is a dynamic church that embodies Christ’s passion for the lost and the unreached. It is a church that is passionate for the deliverance of the persecuted, the oppressed, the weary and the broken hearted. It is known for the warmth of its love, depth of its character and strength of its commitment.

Service at the Gayanilo's

          On May 6, 2001, 36 fellow believers gathered in the basement of the residence of Robert and Cecile Gayanilo. The gathering was to be the first Sunday worship service among many. Robert Gayanilo delivered his exhortation through a message, “Beyond Forgiveness”. The lack of a formal venue did not deter the small group of believers from freely and passionately worshipping the Lord. After a few church gatherings at various house venues, the congregation was able to temporarily hold its Sunday services at the Super 8 Motel beginning on June 10, 2001. Over time, the small gathering of believers slowly grew into 60 members. The church sustained its continual growth. It expanded its work to conducting home-based bible studies, cell groups and nursing home ministry outreach. Messiah Bible Church (MBC) rented the Girl Scouts of America building in Old Freehold Road, Toms River. The new location provided a venue for prayer meetings on Fridays, and Sunday school classes and worship service on the weekends.

          On July 11, 2001 the church was officially incorporated under the name Messiah Bible Church. The church operated under the leadership of five ordained deacons. They were Robert Gayanilo, chairman of the board of deacons, Ruben Dongui-is, Joel Munoz, Romer Meneses, and Arnold De Luna.


First Baptism

          Eventually, missionaries began to visit MBC as well. Bro. Jun and Dr. Ding Miguel, missionaries for the extension ministries of Campus Crusade for Christ held a seminar on “Empowerment to Serve”. The focus is on self-discovery of spiritual gifts. Rev. Ben Barredo III, a missionary pastor from the Philippines came to assist the church. He provided training seminars for church leaders and teachers, as well as discipleship meetings so that everyone will be equipped for ministry service. On August 25, 2001, 14 people were baptized into the Christian faith at the Berkeley Island State Park. Bro. Bo Barredo of Advancing Native Missions joined Pastor Ben Barredo to officiate this very special event. Rev. Roger Meneses, a retired pastor from the Philippines also aided the church and filled-in for ministerial duties in the absence of an appointed pastor. On September 15, 2001, Bro. Bo Barredo returned to visit MBC. This time, he delivered a sermon, “Missions in the Heart of God”. It was a revolutionary message that compelled the heart of the congregation to accept missions as its eventual destiny.

          On May 5, 2002 MBC celebrated its first year church anniversary. The theme of the celebration was “Called to Harvest”, inspired by a verse from Matthew 9:37. As the church membership grew, so did the demand for a bigger space. Sunday schools had to be broken up into seven groups to satisfy various age categories. On June 30, 2002 MBC moved to a new location in the Jersey Shore Boy Scouts building at Ridgeway Road, Toms River. The church membership at this time included over 100.


          In 2003, after earnest prayer, the search for a pastoral candidate began. In a unanimous decision by the congregation, Robert Wilton Gayanilo was installed into pastoral leadership. On August 6, 2005 Rev. Gayanilo was ordained as minister of the Gospel and conferred the right to administer the ordinances of the church. His ordination was examined, recommended and officiated by Bro. Bo Barredo, Pastor Ben Barredo III and Rev. Roger Meneses at the East Dover Baptist Church. Rev. Gayanilo is the founding and senior pastor of MBC.

          The unveiling of God’s vision for MBC came about in December 2005 during an encounter with a visiting missionary from Africa. After hearing the plight of pastors serving in various conditions of vulnerability, Pastor Gayanilo was moved with a deep sense of compassion to pursue after their welfare. He asked Rev. Williams Yindi upon his return to Tanzania to search for a pastor engaged in pioneering work of church planting. After two years Pastor Yindi corresponded about a small group of people worshipping in the bushes on the outskirts of Dar Es Salaam. In December 2007 the ministry of Rev. Joseph and Pastor Paulina Mkama became MBC’s first partnership endeavor towards church planting.


          The ordinance of the Great Commission is central to MBC and evident in its commitment to global evangelism. In September 2008 six church leaders went on their first mission trip to the Philippines, where they embarked on their quest for the lost. The MBC leadership team alongside with Pastor Ben Barredo III visited several ati tribal groups in the mountains, valleys and shores of Panay island. They shared the gospel, distributed food and clothing, spent time in fellowship and prayed with them. Part of the itinerary was also to visit a lepers’ sanitarium. The team imparted God’s message of hope and deliverance to the workers and residents in the leper colony. Evangelistic meetings in schools and slum areas brought hundreds of souls to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

          Report of the mission trip brought a new sense of excitement to the congregation. It further nurtured the love and importance that MBC held for missions. It was clear that spreading and preaching the gospel was the central value of the church. In June 2009 MBC obtained a 501C status as a tax-exempt organization. Giving to missions was dedicated toward evangelism and church planting.

Temple Beth Shalom

          After eight years of renting the space at the Boy Scouts building, the church finally acquired a building of its own. On April 2, 2010 MBC moved in to what was the Temple Beth Shalom, formerly a Jewish synagogue built in 1923. With its past rich history of culture and faith, the new MBC location became a landmark of yet another significant event. In 2011 Christians were faced with a legal challenge in federal court which ruled that the observance of the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional. The prayer event that used to be conducted in various public domains had to be restricted until the federal appeals court makes its decision. On May 5, 2011 representatives from churches and local government gathered at MBC to pray for the nation and its leaders.


          MBC's aspiration to establish churches among the lost and the unreached parallels the ambition of Paul in Romans 15:20, “...I aspire to preach the gospel, not where Christ was already named, so that I would not build on another man’s foundation.” The inception of Messiah’s Shepherds Ministries International as the mission arm of Messiah Bible Church serves as a medium for global church planting. In February 2012 Pastor Bob left for a second missionary trip to the Philippines. He dedicated the church building of Shepherd’s Community Church of Tagsing established in partnership with Christian Hope Center Church, New York. Pastor Bob also ordained the first pastor who joined the Messiah’s Shepherds Ministries. He toured various towns and villages searching for places that did not have any churches. He made contact with local pastors and ministered to them and their families. He gained deeper insights of their sufferings, discouragement and persecutions.

          On July 15, 2013 Pastor Bob and Bro. Elmo Nobleza joined the congregation of the church in Tanzania for the inauguration of Shepherd’s Community Church of Dar Es Salaam. During their stay they ministered to the sick, the underserved and the impoverished believers. Ten believers were baptized in the Indian Ocean. Even Muslims came to the faith when they heard the gospel boldly preached without reservation. The Shepherd’s Community Church of Mwanza is another church set on Lake Victoria’s shore, surrounded by hills scattered with enormous boulders. Pastor Bob ordained a newly appointed pastor whose ministry focus is on Christian education and academic literacy of approximately 200 primary school children. There are many needs and challenges in the lives of Christians in Tanzania. In spite of it all, believers displayed resilience --- they walked for days experiencing hunger and thirst just to be able to worship with the congregation. Throughout evangelistic gatherings, bible studies and prayer, missionaries witnessed faith in action through deliverance, healing and conversion.

          Messiah’s Shepherds Ministries International (MSMI) held its first Pastors’ Conference in Negros Occidental, Philippines in May 2015. Along with Pastor Bob, Bro. Romer and Annette Meneses ministered and encouraged the pastors who attended a 2-day conference. The team also visited a prospective site for the construction of Shepherds Ministries Conference Center.

          Messiah Bible Church has established over fifty churches in Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania and Philippines. These churches represent a fraction of MBC’s aspiration to establish 300 churches on its undertakings to worldwide missions and evangelism. As co-laborers of the gospel, MBC continues to draw people to God’s vision while keeping the faith and being steadfast in the hope of the promise of Christ’s return.

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